tljulythree (tljulythree) wrote,

Conversation With Brian after Church: Jesus

Brian: So you have no reasons for having faith?
TL: No I do, but I could not offer them to you in a way that it would serve any purpose for you. However, I can say that I have considered some evidence that strengthens my faith in Christ.
Brian: what is that?
TL: Secular or Non-Secular, they both admit or claim that a least A JESUS existed.
Brian: Well, there are some people who think he never existed, and that the scripture is some made up crap.
TL: Well I suppose there will always be skeptics in all areas, but I think there is enough evidence leading towards a Jesus existing. I most certainly do not see any reasons for secular people to admitting to an existence of Jesus, if they do not believe in him.
Brian: Fair enough. So what about him? It doesn't necessarily mean he was the savior, it could be an over exaggeration of this guy named "Jesus."
TL: What you say is possible but to me, improbable. First of all, following Jesus was not all fun and games. Your life WAS threatened. They punished you with death in the most heinous way. I mean common, they nailed you to a block of wood after being whipped and humiliated, and hung you out to die. Jesus must have been what people claimed him to be, or equally great, for people to follow him under these circumstances.
Brian: Hmm… what do you think about people who say that his followers might have claimed he resurrected, when really he didn’t? What if his followers made up the stuff after Jesus died?
TL: If that was the case I think the Bible would have been written differently. I do not think they would have written about how they had soo many doubt about Jesus. I also don’t think they would have “doubting Thomas” either. If I was a follower who wanted to write up an over exaggerated account to promote Jesus, I would write about how loyal I was, and how loyal all his followers were. That would be more convincing.
Brian: Hmm… I guess you do have to look at the motives. There really weren’t any good motives.
TL: Exactly.
Brian: I think in the end, you do have to look at the history, and question people’s motives.
TL: The Bible is a historical document. There are many archeological findings that support the descriptions of the places found in the Bible. The Bible is at the very least, not completely made up.
Brian: Yeah, I’ll agree with you on that one.
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