tljulythree (tljulythree) wrote,

Conversation wit Brian part 2

TL: Brian, I don't want a girl who thinks about the stuff I think about.
Brian: Why wouldn't you? Don't you want a girl who knows why she believes what she believes?
TL: I don't know that having to consider other assumptions is necessary for her to do that. Besides, no matter how much we philosophize, no matter how many if-then scenarios we work through, we have to choose a set of assumptions. We do so based on a value judgment. You and I know nothing can be fully proven. Now, if this girl and I are both going to be Christian, then I believe she has the ability to be a better Christian than me. I will always know the possible probability of it being false, and I know that I accept these assumptions, and I do so because I choose to believe in them. However, she has always believed in them and she is the person she is now because of it. I feel like if she ever took the path that I took to get there, then she would lose a part of herself, similar to the part of the self I lost in my journey.
Brian: No man, I think you are better off. I know what you are saying, and I disagree with the whole “ignorance is bliss,” but I still cannot find an argument against it right now.
TL: To tell you the truth, I wish I didn’t think. I wish I didn’t ask all these questions. I wish I had grown up without having to think as much as I did. I am a slave to my mind and I wish I could turn it off. I truly suffer. I just want to be happy, and joyful, and fun loving.
Brian: mmm….. I don’t know, it seems like that could get you into some serious trouble. I mean, that is how you can be stuck in a cult. Or what if you are raised in an Islamic country and you believe that if you do a suicide attack, you will have paradise waiting for you in the next life? Don’t you think those people need to think about what they believe? They believe just as much in their faith as any other hardcore religious person; they are willing to die for their religion.
TL: hmm… I really can’t argue with you there, you bring up an excellent point…
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