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A Gentleman's Woman

Recently I have been talking to a lot of my guy friends about what they look for in a woman. Now, the people I have been talking to are friends whom I consider "quality guys." These are guys, whom if girls were dating, I would say those are some lucky girls. These guys can be social and out-going, yet personal and intellectual at the same type. These are the guys who are versatile and would never wrongfully harm their girlfriends. Their current relationship status is single; not because they cannot find girls to date, but simply because they are waiting for the best girls to date. Here are some things they and I are looking for in a woman/girlfriend.

1) A girl who believes in us. Someone who will support us, even when we are down and out. We don't want a girl to like us after we make it big, or someone who likes us because of the success we have made. We want a girl to love us for who we are, deep down to the core.

2) Loyalty. Part of being a gentlman is being loyal. We would also appreciate if our women were loyal to us too. We want someone we are comfortable trusting, no matter what situation she might be in. We assume a true lady would hold herself to a high enough standard that she would act out of principles, and one of those principles would be for her to be loyal, not necessarily for the man's sake, but for her own sake.

3) We want a girl who is a 7 out of 10 in terms of looks, but a 10 out 10, after factoring in the personality. We don't simply want a "hot girl." Those are what we would call... "headache girls." We want a girl who is a 10 out of 10 in looks to us, but when others judge her, they would say, "yeah, she's pretty..."

4) Personality is huge!!!!!! We want a girl who is both physically and mentally stimulating. When I say physicallly stimulating, I am specifically talking about a girl who holds herself very well. When I say mentally stimulating, I am talking about something a little more tricky. This depends on the gentleman, but we want a girl to know us really well, someone who can read us, and do or say things that will make us react in a way that is positive. This can be anything from discussing intellectual topic matters to simply flirting with us and teasing us.

5) BE A LADY!!!!!!! We want a lady. A lady is not someone who is always concerned about her looks and dress really nicely all the time. A lady can slap on some sweats, go hiking, do fun stuff, and still be a lady. A lady to us is someone who carries herself very well, someone who can dress nicely, someone who can accept kind manners, and someone who acts... I don't know how to say it.. but someone who acts like a lady... We don't want the up-tight kind of girls who are always worried about their looks, or their fashion: that does not mean being lady-like. Being a lady is an attitude; not a look. Though, I would say that ladys can do one heck of a job with looking good. That is the point though; they always look good not matter what they are doing; wearing whatever they want to wear.

6) Know what you want. There is nothing more attractive then a woman who knows what she wants. This always makes things a lot easier for us. We don't necessarily want a woman who is passive. We in fact like aggressive woman. Now, not too aggressive, but aggressive enough that you let your intentions be known. We are the type of men who do not like to put people, any people, in a situation that will make them feel uncomfortable. We need some good signs, or green lights, for us to be rest assured that if we make any type of move, it will not create unwanted and/or ackward tension.

7) Be yourself and have fun! The guys I talk too, and I myself LOVE FUN!!! At the end of the day we don't care if we will advance beyond the status of acquaintance or friendship, we simply enjoy good company, and are satisfied with having had fun.

8) ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL!!!!! Be an upper not a downer. The single most greatest turn off for us are women who are downers, or pessimistic. EEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! We have enough on our plate as is, the last thing we need are negative life draining downers. Be optimistic.

9) Be a good mix. My friends and I are people who enjoy being social, but we also enjoy personal time spent with others, and we enjoy the time we spend alone. Likewise, we don't want a party hardy chick, who parties all the time, and we don't want a girl who cannot be social. We like to have a nice balance of social and non-social.

10) KNOW HOW TO ACT!!!!!!!! The worse is when a girl does not know how to act. For example, if you(ladies) are fortunate enough to date one of us and you are at a party, we assume you know how to act right and that you will not have guys hanging all over you. We also assume that you will not be hanging all over other guys. We hate when our pride is compromised because of our girlfriends. I have had times when my friends came up to me, when I was still dating my ex, and they would say, "hey, Tom, WTF? You need to watch your girl." UNACCEPTABLE!!!! Another clear indication is when I would meet some of my ex's guy friends and I can tell straight off the bat, they don't respect me and my relationship. That is because the girl don't know how to act right. The same applies to us too. If we were all over girls all the time even when we were in a relationship, and we introduced our girls to our friends for the first time, our friends would not respect them because of the way we acted. Well, we happen to be the types of men who know how to act right, and we wish to have the same sort of women.

It is 4:30am so I will end it here, but yes. I am quite dissappointed with the general female species; as are my other good friends. These are what we are looking for and I will add to the list as necessary. So for the ladies... Let's step it up and take it to the next level. If you want a quality guy then you need to be a quality lady.
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